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• Date: 24 – 26 November 2022
• Venue: Cyprus International Fair
• Opening Hours: 09:00 – 19:00 (Saturday: 15:00 - 19:00)
• Entrance Fee: Free

• 40+ Exhibitors
• 3,000 Visitors


Cyprus has embarked on a mission to accelerate the
growth of the technology and innovation ecosystem in Cyprus, by attracting and retaining the top technology employees,
companies, and entrepreneurs.

The island has the potential to become one of the leading
technology hubs in Europe.

In recent years, internationally successful technology companies, operating in the fields of Software Development, Financial Services, Electronic Money and Payment, Quality Assurance, Infrastructure, Design, Product & Project Management, Regulation and Compliance, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Gaming, Media, Cyber Security, Data Science, AI & ML, Data Management, and many other sectors, have already either relocated to, or expanded in Cyprus using the country as a base and gateway to and from the EU.
Working side by side with local ICT companies, they now constitute a sizable sector of the Cyprus Economy and employ thousands of people. The Government of Cyprus has recently unveiled the Strategy for Attracting Business and Talent to the Island, which includes specific incentives for attracting international companies, which is especially relevant to the ICT sector. Inevitably, all companies, whether they are within the ICT sector or not, have had to adapt and expand their teams to include tech related departments and services.


As more and more multinational corporations and local companies look to promote local hires to grow their operations and scale up, there will be huge employment opportunities in the coming years for young people with the right academic studies and professional experience. It is estimated that the ICT-related sectors in Cyprus will soon reach 10% of the island’s GDP and will create thousands of new jobs, which require special academic and professional skills.

The Cyprus Tech Career Fair is a major event and the first of its kind, and one which aims to help Cyprus stay ahead in the global innovation race by re-orienting its talent towards technology. The event aims to bring technology companies and technology- related companies closer to students and young professionals  in Cyprus and give them the chance to explore new and exciting career paths. At the same time, this event will give the technology companies of Cyprus the opportunity to meet local talent.

Organized Activities during the 3-day fair

The Cyprus Tech Career Fair will take the form of a three- day exhibition, consisting of the following activities:

• “Great Workplaces” – Company Presentations

Companies will have the chance to present their companies and employment opportunities. Within these presentations, the visitors will have the chance to ask specific questions about each corporation, the nature of their business, and possible career paths within these corporations.

• Motivational speakers
• Fireside chats
• Mini Conferences – suggested topics

o Roundtable discussion with the Government of Cyprus o Technology and the future of work
o Careers in Tech
o Women in Technology
o Technology & Innovation
o Top Tech careers the youth of today should consider

• Networking areas
• Street food festival
• Other Activities

Fair Objectives

• to bring the technology companies and technology-related companies closer to the students and young professionals in Cyprus,
• to give them the chance to explore new and exciting career paths,
• to introduce high school children and their parents, university students, and young professionals the growing ICT ecosystem of Cyprus,
• to explain to the target audience the nature of the business as well as the possible careers and career paths within these technology companies,
• to portray the technology and innovation companies in Cyprus as attractive employers, Employers of Choice and Best Workplaces,
• to provide companies with the opportunity to meet local talent,
• to organize an interactive event suited to the target audience of younger people.

 Event Communication 

Communication for the exhibition will take place on three levels: Pre-event promotion to attract delegates, during and post-event promotion.

The total media coverage for the Cyprus Tech Career Fair is worth over €250,000.

• TV advertising spots
• Radio spots
• Social Media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) 
• TikTok campaigns
• Bus adverts on school buses
• Digital media campaigns such as REPORTER,,,,
• Personalized invitations to the targeted audience
• Advertisements in IN Business magazine
• Advertisements in Gold Magazine
• Advertising banners of the conference within IMH media
• Electronic circulation of the brochure to 200,000 electronic addresses (IMH database)
• Press announcements promoting the event via all media
• Coverage of the event on the day by IMH Business Media. (IN Business, Gold,,, IN Business TV)
• After-event coverage on IMH media with details and photos
• After-event video presenting the event on IN Business TV
• Live and Post event Coverage on all IMH social media and
• A well promoted and communicated event across all stakeholders
• Wide media coverage in Cyprus and overseas
• Outdoors

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