Target Audience/Visitors

• Teenagers  (ages 16-18) and their parents  from:

o Public Schools

o Private Schools

• University Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, and their parents o Physically addressed for Students in Cyprus

o Digitally addressed for Students studying abroad

• PHD Holders associated with Academia (Universities, Research

Institutes etc.)

• Young Professionals who might want to explore a career change

• Professionals from the Academic Sector

• Employers from all sectors of the economy (with their Tech Departments)

• Representatives from related associations: 

         o Cyprus Chamber of Commerce

o Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation o TechIsland

o Cyprus Tech Association

o Cyprus Computer Society

o Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association

For the next 10 years, there is only one industry that will
be important enough to support Cyprus’ development and    is the technology industry…